All songs by Barak Hill (BMI).

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Free Sampler

This is a free EP with a few songs from This Life I Love and Wheels Won't Roll. If you like what you hear, please check out the full albums.

All songs by Barak Hill (BMI).

Barak Hill: vocals, guitar
Kevin Cott: harmony vocals, guitar
Molly Healey: harmony vocals, violin, cello
Dallas Jones: harmony vocals, harmonica, banjo, guitar
Brandon Moore: resonator, mandolin

Wheels Won't Roll (2014)

I’m lucky to have friends who are incredible musicians. They’ve played these songs with me in bars, backyards, and living rooms—wherever people would listen. I wanted a record of what that sounded like.

Rather than spend weeks in a studio trying in vain to make everything perfect, we set up two microphones in a great room and recorded live. These aren’t definitive versions of these songs; they’re just the way we played them right then, while the recorder was running.

The owners at Lindberg’s were gracious enough to let me use the room above the bar. It’s a beautiful space with acoustics that musicians dream of. I haven’t added reverb or effects—what you hear is us, the hardwood floor, and the traffic on Commercial Street. The building also has a history that’s the stuff of local legend. For more than 100 years, through times as a brothel, a speakeasy, a juke joint, and now a haven for music fans, Lindberg’s has been soaking up stories. My hope is that some of the history of this building found it’s way onto these recordings.

Thanks to all my friends who played on these songs—at shows and on this album. Thanks to Dallas, Brett, Marshall, and Joel for lending your ears when I’m not sure songs are finished. Most of all, thanks to everyone who comes out to places like Lindberg’s and supports local music.

All songs by Barak Hill (BMI).

Hannah, See You Soon inspired by letters from Newton Scott of the Iowa Volunteers to Hannah Cone during the Civil War.

Barak Hill: vocals, guitars, banjo, lap steel, harmonica, bass, percussion
Dallas Jones: harmony vocals, banjo, and bass on South Street Blues - banjo on Twenty-Seven/Twenty-Eight - harmony vocals on Hannah, See You Soon

This Life I Love (2011)

A simple acoustic guitar and vocal open Barak Hill's first full length solo album. As songs progress, other instruments drift into the mix, but Barak's focus stays simple—it's always about the lyrics. Whether he's singing about jilted lovers, a Civil War soldier writing home, Oz's Tin Man, a would-be Arsonist, or a Lion Tamer well past his prime, Barak's keen ear for recognizing a good story, and talent for telling it is at the heart of this album. Strong songwriting and clean production earn this indie/folk album a spot in your collection next to Josh Ritter, The Avett Brothers, and Ryan Adams.

All songs by Barak Hill (BMI).

Barak Hill: vocals, acoustic guitar
Scott Eastman: electric guitar, background vocals


The Winter EP (2004)

Sparse production lets this collection of alt. country and acoustic rock songs stand on their own. With nothing to get in their way, Barak's strong lyrics and melodies are given the full spotlight on his solo debut, The Winter EP.

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